We are thrilled to learn the awful Juicy Campus site is dead and gone.

In its short life, the site generated controversy (and garnered a lot of
media attention) over the content of student posts, which were often
over-the-top, anonymous, and malicious. Some universities blocked the
site from their networks due to concerns about student safety. The New
Jersey Attorney General investigated the site last year over concerns
about fraud. Even many students were repulsed by the site — the
student government at Pepperdine University in California requested
that the site be blocked, though the university had taken no action.
And now there is no need.

A year ago we wrote this in our New Jersey Sours on Juicy Campus article:

When sites like Juicy Campus are allowed to thrive without social
repercussion, or the force of human law coming down on them like a
corrective cudgel, we are all made worse in their shadow — because
instead of enlightening the world with strength and insight, Juicy
Campus tumbles us all down the wishing well and into the drink for

It’s a good day in the world when evil is defeated and the unkind are banished into the forever darkness.

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