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Évocateur: Resurrecting Morton Downey Jr. Just to Kill Him Again

The odd and sad documentary — Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie — is now available for On Demand viewing, and I ordered the movie and watched it with a disgruntled uncomfortableness as I recalled what a boor and a phony Morton Downey, Jr. was in real life and on television.  He was the living embodiment of those who prefer to tear down beauty than create goodness.  He thrived on igniting his live television audience to violence.

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Aryan Nation Easter Eggs

As perceptions change and a minority Race is perceived as rising above the power majority — the result is a growth in hate crime rates — and the rising, public, face of hate-seeking organizations like the Aryan Nation pound us asunder.

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Urban Semiotic

Secret Agent Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is one of the most un-self-aware people I have ever watched on television.  He has no clue we’re on to his fake life as he unabashedly spins more sticky webs of untruths.  Spencer — who routinely wraps himself in the swaddling of his Savior, Jesus Christ — is completely beguiled by the unwitting notion that he’s the smartest and the strongest while we all know he is only hollow of mind and fallow of spirit.

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David Boles University

Juicy Campus Goes Toes Up

We are thrilled to learn the awful Juicy Campus site is dead and gone.

In its short life, the site generated controversy (and garnered a lot of
media attention) over the content of student posts, which were often
over-the-top, anonymous, and malicious. Some universities blocked the
site from their networks due to concerns about student safety. The New
Jersey Attorney General investigated the site last year over concerns
about fraud. Even many students were repulsed by the site — the
student government at Pepperdine University in California requested
that the site be blocked, though the university had taken no action.
And now there is no need.

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Machismo in the Bomb

by Hugh Faulkner

Pakistan squandered an opportunity to place world ridicule squarely on its most-hated neighbor India. Instead, the nation suffered a case of small man’s syndrome.

The Hatred
Ever since gaining independence from Britain, India and Pakistan have been bitter enemies and have both pursued a course of distrust and aggression. As a result, the citizens of these two nations have suffered the consequences. The efforts of Mohandas Ghandi to fight British oppression with passive resistance precipitated the removal of British influence. Unfortunately, this also led to a period of shame for Ghandi.

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