Spencer Pratt is one of the most un-self-aware people I have ever watched on television.  He has no clue we’re on to his fake life as he unabashedly spins more sticky webs of untruths.  Spencer — who routinely wraps himself in the swaddling of his Savior, Jesus Christ — is completely beguiled by the unwitting notion that he’s the smartest and the strongest while we all know he is only hollow of mind and fallow of spirit.

When Spencer Pratt’s viral announcement was sent into the ether yesterday that he was quitting “The Hills” to help the United States fight Cyber Crime — we all laughed in his face behind his back and immediately began to dig into his lie for the real reason behind his sudden call to Patriotism.

It seems the truth of the matter is Spencer was told by “Hills” producers to take a six-week break for anger issues.  His leaving the show that made him famous has nothing to do with his newly found want to good deeds to protect us from criminals. 

Why Spencer chose to create such a blatant lie is curious.  Is he that stupid or does he just think we’re that dumb?

Why do we have to waste so much eye area and mind space even thinking one second about Spencer Pratt and his wretched, loathsome, life?

The easy answer is:  We earned him.

The harder question is:  Do we deserve him?


  1. Nobody deserves Spencer Pratt.
    I thought that secret agency bit seemed a bit much like hogwash when I saw it. Elizabeth told me last night about his getting time off for bad behavior and that fit in much better with his persona.

  2. He’s the living cartoon definition of “buffoon” and he obviously gets pleasure in playing that stupid role in society. Make him go away!

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