The 2012 State of the Boles Blogs Network

As we move forward into 2012 — I always prefer to look ahead than over my shoulder — it’s time to determine where we’re going and how we plan to stay on that path in publishing 14 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network.  Here’s the full list of the blogs we tend to every single day for you:

Urban Semiotic
Boles University Blog
Boles Blues
Scientific Aesthetic
GO INSIDE Magazine
Dramatic Medicine
Carceral Nation
Celebrity Semiotic
The United Stage of America

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Long Live Your Bloodstream

Our blood knows our secrets and foretells our health.  Sometimes we’re told the now of the being of our bloodstream — high cholesterol, bad thyroid, liver complications — but what if our blood could tell us today, how we’ll end up in the future?  Would you want your blood to tell your longevity status?  Or would you prefer to live only in the now?

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