As we move forward into 2012 — I always prefer to look ahead than over my shoulder — it’s time to determine where we’re going and how we plan to stay on that path in publishing 14 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network.  Here’s the full list of the blogs we tend to every single day for you:

Urban Semiotic
Boles University Blog
Boles Blues
Scientific Aesthetic
GO INSIDE Magazine
Dramatic Medicine
Carceral Nation
Celebrity Semiotic
The United Stage of America


That is quite a massive list of publication properties we we write edit and manage and they are all viral and valuable and necessary to preserving the truth as we know it and so we are delighted to continue to publish them all for your reading pleasure.

There are always temptations and challenges in publishing so many blogs.  We are splitting our attention 14 ways and that includes your mind as well.  We are dividing our reader comments by 14.  We are multiplying our presence on the web by a factor of 14 — so I suppose all the splitting and dividing adds up exponentially over time.

Time is the most important factor influencing what we do because the longer we write, the more we grow, the more influence we are able to tend on your behalf, and the more we are able to see things in the hive from afar that we are unable to see up close on our own.

If you have any topics you’d like us to cover in 2012, please use the Contact Form on any of our blogs to touch in, and if you would like to write with us, we are interested in your interest if you feel you can stretch your interest across the span of 14 blogs.  We get a lot of requests from people who want to write a single story or two — and sometimes we publish one shots — but we now much prefer to only offer writing opportunities to new authors who share our sense of the whole and who can commit to authoring at least 14 stories a month with us as we press our publications into the bloodstream of the internet.

2012 will be a big year for the Boles Blogs Network. The longer we live, the better we survive.


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