Best Bedroom Amp Review: Orange Rocker 15 and Henriksen Bud

It’s been awhile since I posted a “Boles Blues” review of guitars, guitar amps and other musical gear. Two things were conspiring against me over that time. One, I injured my left wrist. That’s my “fretting” hand, so playing was difficult. The second conspiracy came in two parts, a couple of years apart: Floods! The first flood that hit my apartment came from three flights above and ruined half of my guitar collection. The second flood, two years later, arrived from the same burst pipe in the same apartment on the third floor, and ruined every single guitar amp I owned. The water damage ruined my musical collection and — because I pay for my own gear — I knew it was going to take awhile to get musically re-established.

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Jazz Licks Dot Com: The Sedo Domain Purchase Review

After I reviewed the new Jazz Licks pack in Agile Partners’ excellent “Lick of the Day”  app a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see where the domain would land me.  I was surprised to find it grounded me on a page where that particular domain was offered for sale.  The price was $300.00USD and I decided to make an offer on the domain.

Sedo were the escrow agent for the transaction.  That meant Sedo played the “Man in the Middle” role who would hold my payment in escrow until the domain was transferred over to me, and then they’d release payment to the seller.  I bid $200.00USD for on March 7, 2012 — and a few hours later my offer was accepted — and nine days later the domain was mine and fully re-directing right here to

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The Boles Blues iPhone 4S Review

On Friday, the long purgatory that was AT&T and the iPhone came to a bloody end for Janna and me as we ripped open our Verizon boxes to set up our new iPhone 4S devices of love!  I was actually so happy being back with Verizon that I took a hammer to Janna’s AT&T 3G iPhone and my AT&T 3GS iPhone and smashed the screens to smithereens!  Then I took those broken AT&T iPhones and dunked them in salt water and let them sit there for an hour before I took them outside and dropkicked each one into the trash bin!  Begone AT&T!  Your misery knows no bounds and you have no shame!  I can’t believe all the money we wasted paying you for lousy voice and data service!

The first thing you notice about the 4s, coming from the 3G series, is that the retina display is just as wonderful as you’ve read about since the rise of the 4.  You can actually read tiny text and, as you can see below, the screenshots are magnificent!

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Happy Birthday to Boles Blues!

One year ago today, we published the first article called, rightly enough — “What is” — and that article was quickly followed by, “From Old Cooter to Boles Blues” to help explain the provenance of who we are and what we hoped to become in time.

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Tom Jones International Steals from Boles Blues

It sickens me when someone steals our content and blatantly copies and pastes our writing — in total — on their website without our permission.  However, I do love the hunt of catching that red-handed thievery, and today, I introduce you to “Tom Jones International” and that site’s theft of our fresh content.

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