After I reviewed the new Jazz Licks pack in Agile Partners’ excellent “Lick of the Day”  app a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see where the domain would land me.  I was surprised to find it grounded me on a page where that particular domain was offered for sale.  The price was $300.00USD and I decided to make an offer on the domain.

Sedo were the escrow agent for the transaction.  That meant Sedo played the “Man in the Middle” role who would hold my payment in escrow until the domain was transferred over to me, and then they’d release payment to the seller.  I bid $200.00USD for on March 7, 2012 — and a few hours later my offer was accepted — and nine days later the domain was mine and fully re-directing right here to

The only sticky part about the domain transfer happened when Sedo told me to go create a Go Daddy account so the domain could be pushed to me from the current owner.  I refused.  I want nothing to do with Go Daddy, and if I had gone the Go Daddy route as instructed, I would not have been able to move my domain to pairNIC, my preferred domain registrar, until a 60 day “cooling off” period had expired from my takeover of the new domain.  “No thank you!” say I, and here’s what I said to Sedo support about that Go Daddy trick:

My domain registrar is and I need the transfer code to move the domain there. Please provide that code. I do not want GoDaddy to keep control of the domain.

When I tried to change the default transfer registrar for me set up by Sedo, I could not edit Go Daddy out and pairNIC in:

I have followed your instruction for updating the domain registrar I want to use in my “Transfer Details” and it appears already locked to GoDaddy even though I do not use that registrar. How do I change it if I am unable to edit it to pairNIC? I have over 300 domains with pairNIC, I am a pro user, and I don’t want to be spun around with this GoDaddy back and forth. Please advise.

Sedo finally changed my registrar for the transfer from Go Daddy to “Standard International” — but that fight wasted five days as I had to wait for the AUTH code to be presented to me to start the transfer.  One great thing about pairNIC is they provide domain AUTH code transfers right on your domain management page.  You never have to ask for an AUTH code that belongs to you because pairNIC gives it to you from the start.

Here’s my Sedo timeline for the transfer.  You’d think nine days is pretty fast and efficient — but if you remove the five days I had to wait for my AUTH code, you can see it could have all be done in less than four days:

Here are some of the other Jazz related domains I currently own.  I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but I have many ideas.  Right now, they all point back to


The domain was a previous purchase from Network Solutions for $189.00USD.  I had to wait 60 days before transferring the domain to pairNIC.  I didn’t like that requirement, but Network Solutions would not sell me the domain unless I used my existing Network Solutions account to make the buy.

I think the price I paid for both and were bargains!

I am still waiting for the invoice from the domain seller on Sedo.  I made that request on March 8, 2012, and the only thing I know about the seller is that they appear to be living in the United Arab Emirates.

I don’t know if I’d use Sedo again as a domain sale escrow agent.  I don’t like the Go Daddy nonsense and Sedo can’t seem to get the seller to give me an invoice.  I hope Sedo haven’t released my payment to the seller yet, but my instinct suggest they probably already have since I own the domain.


  1. Sounds like quite a bit of hassle for a domain sale. The Go Daddy bit is as if they had told you that you had to pay them in cash in a dark alley — why punish the buyer, who is ready to pay good money for the domain?

    1. It looks like Sedo and Go Daddy got into bed in a big way in January 2012:

      Thanks to a new partnership between GoDaddy, the world’s largest provider of Web hosting and domain name registrations, and Cambridge-based Sedo, the largest domain name marketplace, negotiating with your new namesake and rival just got easier. The partnership allows GoDaddy to provide matching domain names from Sedo’s marketplace alongside its searches so users can bid on the domains they’re looking for.

      Which, I suppose, explains everything…

  2. UPDATE:

    I asked Sedo for an update and this morning I was told the seller was paid even though I was not provided an invoice. I am dissatisfied and not happy with that outcome. An invoice is a vital part of a business transaction because it officially records the who, what and where. I have no idea who the “Who” is in this business transaction.

  3. Hi! I need some help with domain names selling. I’m a beginner in this business. I wonder if you could help me.

    I basically parked a few domain names on sedo and now I have got an offer for one of my domain names. But I’m asked for a AUTH code from my registrar. How can I get an AUTH code? I’ll be thankful if you could help me with this.

    1. It depends on your domain registrar. If your AUTH code isn’t listed in the account details for your domain, then you have to request the code from your domain registrar’s support channel.

      1. And if you send an incorrecr AUTH code by mistake, will they cancel the offer you got?

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