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David Boles Blues

Jazz Licks Dot Com: The Sedo Domain Purchase Review

After I reviewed the new Jazz Licks pack in Agile Partners’ excellent “Lick of the Day”  app a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see where the domain JazzLicks.com would land me.  I was surprised to find it grounded me on a page where that particular domain was offered for sale.  The price was $300.00USD and I decided to make an offer on the domain.

Sedo were the escrow agent for the transaction.  That meant Sedo played the “Man in the Middle” role who would hold my payment in escrow until the domain was transferred over to me, and then they’d release payment to the seller.  I bid $200.00USD for JazzLicks.com on March 7, 2012 — and a few hours later my offer was accepted — and nine days later the domain was mine and fully re-directing right here to BolesBlues.com.

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Staring Down the SOPA Threat from the Public Square

SOPA is one of those sudsy scandals that don’t easily wipe off in the public wash.  Once you claim you’re all-in on SOPA, it’s difficult to recant and back out and say you didn’t mean it, and GoDaddy is learning that sticky lesson in heated spades:

GoDaddy was one of the few tech firms to back SOPA but it took its name off the public list of supporters following pressure by big web names and many angry customers.

Wikipedia said it would move its domains away from GoDaddy, as did the Cheezburger Network, owner of Lolcats, and image hosting firm Imgur.

In a statement explaining its change of heart, GoDaddy boss Warren Adelman said: “Fighting online piracy is of the utmost importance, which is why GoDaddy has been working to help craft revisions to this legislation – but we can clearly do better.”

In an interview with tech news site Gizmodo, Mr Adelman took a neutral stance on SOPA but said the company might support it if there were a consensus among net firms on its wording.

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PanopticonicScientific Aesthetic

How to Transfer a Domain from Network Solutions to pairNIC

I am a big fan of pair networks web hosting, and today, I am an even bigger fan of pairNIC — the domain registration arm of pair.  Ever since I’ve been on the internet, all of my domains have been registered with Network Solutions because, for many years, it was difficult to move your domains from one registrar to another — using an antiquated Ack-Back system was an invitation to make an irrevocable paper mistake — and only now is the domain transfer process more forgiving, but not necessarily easier, to make happen.  I’m going to step you through the process of transferring your domain from Network Solutions (NetSol) to pairNIC because you will save a lot of money and hassle if you follow me.

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