Jazz Licks Dot Com: The Sedo Domain Purchase Review

After I reviewed the new Jazz Licks pack in Agile Partners’ excellent “Lick of the Day”  app a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see where the domain JazzLicks.com would land me.  I was surprised to find it grounded me on a page where that particular domain was offered for sale.  The price was $300.00USD and I decided to make an offer on the domain.

Sedo were the escrow agent for the transaction.  That meant Sedo played the “Man in the Middle” role who would hold my payment in escrow until the domain was transferred over to me, and then they’d release payment to the seller.  I bid $200.00USD for JazzLicks.com on March 7, 2012 — and a few hours later my offer was accepted — and nine days later the domain was mine and fully re-directing right here to BolesBlues.com.

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Lick Packs for Guitar World Lick of the Day

UPDATE – March 19, 2012:  My friend John Liu at Agile Partners sent me this keen update this morning:

Dave, just wanted to send you a quick note about the three new Jimi Hendrix Lick Packs (in-app purchases) in our Guitar World Lick of the Day app. The fully licensed Hendrix content (Purple Haze, Little Wing, Crosstown Traffic, etc) is among the best content we have in the app.

I can confirm the high quality of the new Hendrix Lick Packs.  I bought all three!  

The licks are such fun to play because the difficult parts are broken down into bits for easier mastery.

One of the first reviews I ever wrote here in Boles Blues, appeared way back on November 18, 2010 when I gave a rave to the Guitar World Lick of the Day App for the iPad:

Guitar World’s Lick of the Day is my newest, and most favorite, iPad App.  We love all sorts of Licks, but Lick of the Day delivers a unique Lick home to your hands for enjoyment and memorization without any effort on your part.

I’m still wild about that App, and last week it was updated to include “Lick Packs” in addition to the Lick of the Day!

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