UPDATE – March 19, 2012:  My friend John Liu at Agile Partners sent me this keen update this morning:

Dave, just wanted to send you a quick note about the three new Jimi Hendrix Lick Packs (in-app purchases) in our Guitar World Lick of the Day app. The fully licensed Hendrix content (Purple Haze, Little Wing, Crosstown Traffic, etc) is among the best content we have in the app.

I can confirm the high quality of the new Hendrix Lick Packs.  I bought all three!  

The licks are such fun to play because the difficult parts are broken down into bits for easier mastery.

One of the first reviews I ever wrote here in Boles Blues, appeared way back on November 18, 2010 when I gave a rave to the Guitar World Lick of the Day App for the iPad:

Guitar World’s Lick of the Day is my newest, and most favorite, iPad App.  We love all sorts of Licks, but Lick of the Day delivers a unique Lick home to your hands for enjoyment and memorization without any effort on your part.

I’m still wild about that App, and last week it was updated to include “Lick Packs” in addition to the Lick of the Day!

Because I tend to be obsessive about things I love and admire, I purchased every single Lick Pack — “The Beatles: Vol. 1” and “The Beatles: Vol. 2” and “Blues Intro” and “Acoustic Essentials” and “Classic Metal Essentials” and “Jazz Essentials” and “Bluegrass Essentials” — because I really enjoy the concentrated ease of learning a wide variety of styles.

Touch on a Lick Pack to get details and previews of what’s included.  I’m big into Jazz right now, so it was purely delightful to see Jazz so essentially covered from its early beginnings to inevitable later maturation as an ever-changing musical genre.

Another great thing I like about Lick Packs is that they are conveniently ordered for you so you can easily find them.  That makes playing genre Licks in an identifiable order easier because you don’t have to scroll through a whole bunch of unrelated Licks.  The Licks are always informative and fun and you don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated.  Each Lick lesson leads you into a greater exploration, and expansion of, your talent.

Agile Partners do a fantastic job of designing and updating their Apps.  The Guitar World Lick Packs prove their imagination in the marketplace.  There’s nothing more satisfying as an always-aspiring guitarist than to be presented with a difficult new lick to learn and then slowly working through it to raise your playing to a new, and satisfying level, of guitar mastery.


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