For Deaf People Only: Our Latest David Boles Books Book!

After writing four books together in in 2014 alone, Janna and I are now pleased to announce our latest, and first, book published in the year 2015For Deaf People Only! — a brand-new David Boles Books Writing & Publishing book!


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Ten Years of Teaching Online: 500 Free Hardcore ASL Streaming Videos!

This week, Jann Sweenie and I are celebrating our 10 Year anniversary of teaching American Sign Language online at!  As part of this ongoing decade celebration, we are now offering more than 500 of our ASL video streaming teaching videos at no cost to you!

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An Indian Girl Finds a Hero in Tintin

I grew up in India reading Tintin. If you are a die hard fan of Tintin like me, you probably started scratching your head — when on earth “Tintin” was in India? He wasn’t. The closest Tintin came to India was Tibet but I was still able to find him!

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Reading Character Voices in Your Head

When I lived in Seattle, I once attended a reading of the Megillas Esther, the ancient story of the triumph of the Jewish people over the wicked Haman who intended to wipe them out from the face of the earth, that really was special because of the way that the reader went through the story. When he would read the lines of dialogue as spoken by people in the story, he would read them in their voices — Queen Esther in one way, the vicious Haman in his own nasty voice. I appreciated it quite a bit because I would often do the same thing when reading it to myself — and when reading most other fiction, for that matter. Even some nonfiction — I tend to hear the voice of David Sedaris when I am reading his autobiographical pieces.

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Psychiatric Tales: The Review

Bloomsbury USA just sent me a review copy of a fantastical new book by debut author Darryl Cunningham called —  Psychiatric Disorders — and on February 1, 2011, you can purchase your own copy of this magnificent piece of art and wondering.

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Giving Up On Gossip Girl

After a really disappointing fourth season opener, my wife and I have decided that we are just going to give up and stop spending 45 (or so) minutes every week watching Gossip Girl. For the first year or two we were fans but a line has to be drawn — enough is enough.

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Underlining and Highlighting August Strindberg

My wife Elizabeth and I were at Whole Foods on the Upper West Side for some good wholesome food shopping. On our way out, a collection of books near the exit caught my eye. There was a sign inviting people to take and leave books. Every so often someone would come by and take the books to a charitable organization whose name I have already forgotten because I was so focused on the fact that there were a lot of books being given away.

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