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McGraw-Hill Publishes United Stage

Yesterday, we were delighted to discover your is currently featured on the McGraw-Hill website as part of an extended, online, learning portal for the seventh edition of the hardcopy book — “Theatre: The Lively Art” — by Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb.

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Stealing from Dan Brown

If mega-author Dan Brown can’t protect his hardcopy books from the digital pirates — what hope is there for the rest of us in this new dawning of stealing books for profit?

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Institutional Value and the One-Off

As universities purge headlong into the Age of Digitization, we are left to wonder about the value of what is quickly becoming a Open Source education where students the world over are able to get the same information and identical teaching via the internet and iTunes podcasts.

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Digitizing the Human

I was having a discussion the other day about the digital books movement and saving a university money, and when I took the next logical step in the argument:  “If we’re digitizing books to save space and money, why don’t we digitize librarians, too?”  I was given a look in response  intended to freeze fertile fields and euthanize rabid dogs.

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Thirty Ways to Die

Here is some great semiotic teaching from Germany in 1931 in the form of 30 illustrations explaining — in a book called “Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern” — how NOT to electrocute yourself.  In this image, baby found a new nipple!

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Google Going Mobile with Book Search

Google are getting busy and going mobile on your iPhone with books!  You can read 1.5 million public domain books on most any cellphone — Google Books look especially great on your beloved iPhone — and that’s especially pleasing in the face of Steve Jobs’ false accusation we no longer read.

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Computers for Poets: Genius in the Genus of the Genesis

A decade or so ago, I had an idea for a book series called “Computers for Poets:  A Series for Left-Brain Thinkers” — it was intended to go head-to-head with IDGs horribly named “Dummies” series of books.

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