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Pitching a Book to Buyers

No book gets sold unless someone thinks it will sell. That first “someone” is your publishing house. That second “someone” is the chain buyer who places an order for your book. If you want to sell a book without writing the whole thing first, you need to help your publisher, and ultimately the buyers in the bookstore chain, understand why you, and your book, are worth purchasing.

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Why the Right Publisher Matters

Having a good relationship with an editor is important for writers, but before you can get to that personal interaction you, as a professional author, must first choose the right publishing house. Your publisher is the entity that will actually produce and negotiate your writer’s contract and also birth your book into the world.

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Talking to Heaven

by Joyce Kohl

Death is not final. Death is but the beginning. Though death is the absolute unknown, James Van Praagh is a mental medium who communicates with the spirits after their earthly demise. Using gifts of clairsentience (“clear feeling”ability to sense when spirits are in a room) and clairvoyance (“clear vision”), Mr. Van Praagh offers the grieving solace and consolation when he transfers what he says he “hears” from a deceased loved one. In this latest of his books, and in the 17th week of being on the best seller list, Talking to Heaven, A Medium’s Message of Life After Death, Mr. Van Praagh relates his early experiences with “knowing things,” the road which took him to his career choice of a medium, dealing with the loss of a loved one, and then he gives instructions for the reader to access hidden talents for communicating with spirits on the other side.

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