We all love The Google.
You know I especially love Google Apps for Your Domain and that includes the new for-pay Premier Edition where Boles University ™ lives and never dies!

Today I am pleased to share with you that I have been writing a book called Google Apps for Your Domain for Thomson publishing’s outstanding Course PTR imprint.

My book will cover all versions / editions / flavors/ functions / iterations of Google Apps
and the book will be packed with information, tips, tricks and real
world experience focused to get you up and online in the quickest and
simplest way.

I am thrilled Google agreed to be a valued advisor on the book and that
my Google Apps for your Domain
book will help you avoid all the initial pitfalls in setting up the
service that can prevent you from reaching the pinnacle of the Google
Apps experience straight out of the box.

The book will be published in September or October 2007 and I am
grateful, as ever, for the expert help, advice, counsel and friendship
of SuperAgent Matt Wagner at Fresh Books Literary Agency for his stewardship in getting the deal done.

Remember back in January when I needed your help in testing the Boles University Blog ™ hosted by Blogger
— but I couldn’t tell you why, at that time,

 I was doing a Blogger
test? Now you know!

That blog was set up to help test and example the
integration of Blogger and Google Apps for Your Domain for my book!
If you have any experience using Google Apps for Your Domain — or if you’d like to be updated on the progress of the book — please leave a comment here or use our Contact form to get in touch!


  1. How fun!
    I’ve been thinking that you need to go ahead and add “Google Expert Extraordinaire” to your list of talents!

  2. Hi David,
    Your tech skills astound me! Okay, I’m easily astounded by tech stuff, but I’m sure I would still be wowed by your book if I were able to understand it.
    Congratulations and the best,

  3. google apps are great if you aer at a PC. Not so great if you have a Windows Mobile smart phone. I can’t get my online calendar to sync with my Windows Mobile smart phone.

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