When a published book goes “Out of Print” many authors panic — they feel their book is dead in the water and stillborn on the shelf.

If you have a contract that clearly states the book returns to you in all rights and circumstances when it goes Out of Print — you have a great opportunity to take the book back and re-birth it yourself with the life it deserves either online or with another publisher.

No one understands the value and audience for your book better than you do — and many publishers fail to take advantage of an author’s connective tissue in the marketplace.

Flex your muscle!  Stretch your sinew!

Get the rights back for your book and give it a new life in the arenas in which you spin and pocket the money your publisher wasn’t willing to earn.

You can self-publish your book.  You can make a new deal with a better publisher.  You can take your book online and let others read it for free — or you could even charge for content if you added some value to the plain text of the experience.

Use Out of Print to your advantage and believe it is a blessing and not a condemnation of what was never understood by your publisher:  The true value of your book in the marketplace of shared ideas.

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