Politicizing a Pandemic Presidency

The coronavirus, the rising threat of Covid-19, is nobody’s fault. Viruses are wild. Viruses happen. As long as humans keep eating animals, we will have viruses transferring from the animal world to the realm of the human being, but let there be no doubt that the “Wuhan Virus” and the “Democrat Hoax” and the “China Virus” will, very soon, be known as “The Democrat Pandemic” if Donald Trump has his way naming himself a “War President” as he leaves the cities to rot, and fold, while he claims victory in doing nothing.

Donald Trump is, without pause or preservation, “An Enemy of the People” in the truest possible manner as warned in writing by Henrik Ibsen in 1882.

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McGraw-Hill Publishes United Stage

Yesterday, we were delighted to discover your UnitedStage.com is currently featured on the McGraw-Hill website as part of an extended, online, learning portal for the seventh edition of the hardcopy book — “Theatre: The Lively Art” — by Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb.

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The Newspaper is Dead: Long Live the News!

The newsprint newspaper is DEAD!  Let it die!  Bury it.  Let the bugs and worms eat the decaying pulp and let’s move on with our lives and getting the news quick, fast, and deadly on the internet.  As an online author and itinerant publisher, it is delicious to watch the traditional media bandwagon crumble under the weight of their new irrelevancy.  They have their worry beads in hand and their self-flagellation in process and they aren’t waiting to sound their own public death knell on your front stoop and in your mailbox:

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Going Out of Print is Good

When a published book goes “Out of Print” many authors panic — they feel their book is dead in the water and stillborn on the shelf.

If you have a contract that clearly states the book returns to you in all rights and circumstances when it goes Out of Print — you have a great opportunity to take the book back and re-birth it yourself with the life it deserves either online or with another publisher.

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