The coronavirus, the rising threat of Covid-19, is nobody’s fault. Viruses are wild. Viruses happen. As long as humans keep eating animals, we will have viruses transferring from the animal world to the realm of the human being, but let there be no doubt that the “Wuhan Virus” and the “Democrat Hoax” and the “China Virus” will, very soon, be known as “The Democrat Pandemic” if Donald Trump has his way naming himself a “War President” as he leaves the cities to rot, and fold, while he claims victory in doing nothing.

Donald Trump is, without pause or preservation, “An Enemy of the People” in the truest possible manner as warned in writing by Henrik Ibsen in 1882.

Trump doesn’t want to declare a national emergency, or set a nationwide lockdown, or invoke the Defense Production Act because then he owns Covid-19 — at least that’s what he thinks — but he actually already owns the pandemic in every Be Best and Believe Me biggest way, and he isn’t handling it right in any way. So, he has to shift blame to someone, so why not the lowly, and incomprehensibly cowardly, Democrats? Make the Democrats the cause and effect of Covid-19! Problem solved!

Trump is putting vulnerable people at risk. He doesn’t care about liberal enclaves. He only wants the love and admiration of his mostly soft Southern base, where anything and everything can be blamed on “God’s Will” as grandparents willingly accept their deaths in exchange for a healthy Stock Exchange.

Yes, Trump is going to spin this coronavirus pandemic to his worst political end: Winning re-election. Who can blame him? The hapless Democrats have no strong candidate to beat back the lies and the mistruths. That’s a full time, daily, job.

Joe Biden has behaved like a coronavirus victim for the entire campaign: He’s old, hollow and moldy, and it appears Biden thinks he can beat Trump by disappearing from the national stage in this time of crisis and lack of government leadership.

The only Democrats who are, right now, guaranteed to give Trump the gutting he deserves in November are Andrew Cuomo and Michelle Obama!

We deserve those we seek to serve; and when Donald Trump was elected, the worst of us were being celebrated in his White House win — and there is nobody left to blame but those who despised him, and then actively chose not to vote for his opponent and that is the verifiable danger of pandemic politics.

Win or lose. Life or death.

Those are always the wages of a sinful vote against community, caring, and capability. Now we are left to wipe up the blood of the true losers, the us of us, the magnificently forgotten, those doomed to death by a government that only cares about the relative bottom line, and never the true goodness of the human soul.

We also cannot rely upon the “liberal media” to save us from the scourge of an eight-year Pandemic Presidency. The media claims to loathe Trump, but they actually love him; the mainstream broadcast and print media hate the Democrats and are beholden to the money holders in big business because mainstream media’s interest is always, merely, in itself: Big Business!

Every coronavirus death in the United States belongs to Donald Trump. That’s his role. That’s his serendipity. That’s his responsibility. That’s his job description as President of the United States. Trump’s cruel refusal to own — even a sliver of culpability in an inept crisis response of his own making — is why he is, and has always been, and forever shall be “An Enemy of the People.”

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