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Computers for Poets: Genius in the Genus of the Genesis

A decade or so ago, I had an idea for a book series called “Computers for Poets:  A Series for Left-Brain Thinkers” — it was intended to go head-to-head with IDGs horribly named “Dummies” series of books.

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Pristine or Dog-Eared and Annotated?

Go to any used bookstore and peruse the most ragged looking of the books that they have. Books that have been read and reread, full of side notes and pages that are bent in every way conceivable. I often wonder if there really is a “better” way to read a book. As far as I can tell, there are basically two schools of thought: The school of thought that subscribes to carefully reading a book and making sure that the pages remain unbent and clean, and the school of thought that advocates writing notes on the pages and bending over pages to indicate the place of the reader.

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Barack Buyology

Why do we buy things?  As the economy melts around us, many are re-evaluating their purchase decisions — but are we able to resist the impulse to buy — or is the need to gather things innately us?  Researcher Martin Lindstrom spent $7 million looking into the brains of 2,000 people with an fMRI machine to help him understand our impulse to buy one brand over another.

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Amazon Online Reader Review

I love my Kindle book reader but I also, finally, took the plunge to discover the Amazon Online Reader.  If you haven’t used this online service from Amazon yet, you should “upgrade your eligible books” to include the Online Reader version — especially if you’re doing hard research — because you can search the entire book and set a bookmark and you own the book for the rest of your life online:

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