Sarah Palin must be banned.  Sarah Palin must be removed from our national dialogue and our missing national consciousness. Sarah Palin in a Book Banner.

Sarah Palin may claim now she was not trying to ban books back in Alaska — but her very inquiry into the process
of banning books is evidence in situ that she wanted to get rid of
books from the public library if the Wasilla librarian had gone along
with her wretched plan.

Books would have been banned!

You don’t ask a “what if” question — or even a “rhetorical question” — if you don’t plan to purse the inquiry’s ends if there’s no viable opposition.

We are thrilled Wasilla librarian, Mary Ellen Emmons, recognized Sarah Palin’s attempt at book banning and pressed back, and refused to support the book ban.

Sarah Palin later fired Mary Ellen Emmons in a “loyalty purge.”