The Moo Shoes Vegetarian Shoes Review

I have been a Vegan for a good long while now, and one of the hardest things to get sustainably right as you start down the path of cruelty-free living is landing in proper non-leather shoes.  Enter Moo Shoes, your one-stop-shop for Vegan belts and boots and shoes and bags and such and it is located right in the heart of New York City.

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Taking Your Cowboy Boots and Going Home

Several years ago, there was a major Broadway musical in crisis of being shuttered before even making it to the previews stage. The problem was not the story, or the plot, or the personalities involved. The problem boiled down to greed and money.

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When Boots Break Skaters

Figure Skating is the most popular Winter Olympic sport and no other sport so quickly and purposefully maims its talented young.
The Wall Street Journal detailed the evisceration of young skating talent because the 50-year old skate boot was not created to service the new gymnastic jumping required in modern Figure Skating. Figure Skating is an — old time — sport where suffering and overcoming is given greater value than a skater’s safety and comfort.
Michelle Kwan is an unfortunate prime example of this disconnect between outdated technology crushing unbridled talent. 

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