I have been a Vegan for a good long while now, and one of the hardest things to get sustainably right as you start down the path of cruelty-free living is landing in proper non-leather shoes.  Enter Moo Shoes, your one-stop-shop for Vegan belts and boots and shoes and bags and such and it is located right in the heart of New York City.

If you want non-leather shoes, you’re usually stuck with cheap shoes from places like Sears and Kohl’s or Payless — but when those stores fail you with low-quality footwear that are not able to last, you end up paying a lot more for your cheap shoes because you have to keep replacing what gets worn out.

Moo Shoes makes it super-simple for you to buy non-leather shoes online or in their New York City store.  Ordering online is painless and fast and shipping is immediate.

I decided to pony up my dough for the 14-Eye Boot from Vegetarian Shoes.  Vegetarian Shoes are a fantastic, UK-based, shoe company and they make incredible boots and shoes in lots of styles that will last you a lifetime.  I decided on the classic long-laces boot because I love the style… and the steel toe… and the wild sole:

The 14 Eye Boot was one of the first boots ever made by Vegetarian Shoes, and over a decade later this one is still going strong. This boot is manufactured in the UK. They have Vegetarian Shoes’s own brand of Airseal cushioned soles, which are extra thick, provide excellent shock absorption, and insulation These boots can really take a beating and will really last longer than you could have ever hoped The upper is made from Vegetarian Shoes’s highes quality ‘vegetan microfibers’ which wears in unbelievably well and is also extremely water resistant.

The 14 Eye has a steel toe. This boot features 14 eyelet lacing and bellowing tongue to increase water resistance This style does run almost a size large, but you might also want to wear these with an insole, so please consider when selecting a size.

Those boots are well-made and tough.  You need to break them in slowly over a week or so to make sure they form to your feet.  I purchased a size smaller just as the product blurp suggested, and I’m happy I made that decision.  The right boot was a little snugger than the left, but after only a few hours of wearing them, I could feel the right boot starting to stretch just a bit to make for a perfect fit.

I also decided to get a pair of brown boots for the Winter.  I, again, chose the Vegetarian Shoes brand sold by Moo Shoes and here are my “Brooklyn Browns” —

Super, lightweight lace-up work boot. The upper is made from a very breathable and water resistant faux nubuck. The Brooklyn Boot has a moccasin design, contrasting stitching detailing, and hook/eye lace-fastening. It is lined throughout with synthetic felt to keep your feet warm. And for added comfort enjoy a padded ankle collar, tongue, and insole..ahhh.. The Brooklyn Boot is manufactured in Portugal by the all vegan brand, Vegetarian Shoes.

I ordered my Brooklyn Browns online, and in less than five minutes my order shipped from Moo Shoes, and I had a UPS tracking number in my Inbox!  Because I live in Jersey City, delivery via UPS was overnight.

When the Brooklyn Browns arrived, I put them on and went for a two mile walk to break them in — so comfortable, so warm, so purely wonderful.   My only gripe is that when I returned from my walk, the cool “Vegetarian Shoes” label on the footbed of the boots had rubbed off in each shoe.  The labels were only installed with double sided tape!  Here’s the sad rubbing proof in the palm of my non-sticky hand:

Is it too much to ask Vegetarian Shoes to actually sew their labels into their boots?

You could order directly from Vegetarian Shoes in the UK — but why bother with customs and delays and currency exchanges?  Moo Shoes handles all that for you as a USA distributor, and buying online is so easy.  If any of their shoes are out of stock, the Moo Shoes website will tell you how to get in touch to get notified when the shoes are available for purchase.

I’m all in on Moo Shoes now and forevermore, and when I buy more shoes from them, I’ll review them here in the Boles Blogs Network.  I’m so happy there’s a friendly, safe, customer-service oriented store like Moo Shoes in the USA — and right across the Hudson River from me! — that carefully tends to all the goodness in life and makes joining the right life so sustainable and simple.


  1. Good for you! So much better than Payless. I have shopped in the Moo Shoes store before and I liked it a lot. Many good things there and all 100% cruelty-free. The Vegan bags are really neat.

    1. Yes, I really should visit the store. I do love the overnight delivery, though. SMILE! I just looked at the Moo Shoes Vegan bags on their website. Wowser! Beautiful stuff!

      1. Now I just checked the Moo Shoes Vegan bags online. Yummy! It’s fun to shop online and see everything in once place. Can you like buy online and then pick up in the store to save on shipping?

    1. I wrote to Moo Shoes to tell them about this review and they quickly replied with thanks and told me they planned to contact Vegetarian Shoes to let them know about the labels problem.

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