A Misguided Deaf Video Dictionary

Boston University researchers grabbed a $900,000USD grant from the National Science Foundation to capture 3,000 American Sign Language gestures to create a “Deaf Dictionary” that will “interpret” signed video requests for information.  While the idea is good, we certainly feel nobody on the National Science Foundation grant committee is Deaf or has any idea why this sort of project is doomed to failure.

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Fenway Fans in Blonde Masks: The Power of a Semiotic Social Mob

Over the weekend there was a tremendous moral correction of a public figure offered in public — in jest — but its semiotic relevance is an earth-shattering expression of contempt for the facade of stardom and its perks of temptation. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) — the highest paid player in baseball playing on the team with the highest player payroll in the biggest media market and currently stuck in last place in the American League East — was caught by photographers with a blonde stripper that was not his wife. Boston Red Sox fans — perennial rivals to the Yankees and currently in first place in the same division — jabbed A-Rod Friday in Fenway Park as he prepared to take the batter’s box:

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The Fifty-Two Million Dollar Man

A clean-shaven and short-haired Johnny Damon finally gives the Yankees a strong arm in center field again and as well as a quick bat behind the plate.

Johnny Damon as a Yankee!

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Meeting at the Ritz

by Marshall Jamison

The others who were there that day have answered their last page at the glorious old hotel. Your reporter, hopefully, will answer to several more.
To a New Englander born in downtown Boston over three quarters of a century ago, the ancient city grows more appealing in the heart of an old campaigner as the years follow each other in swift, but dwindling, procession.

So many memories; as a little fellow in Cambridge, hitching a ride on the horse-drawn sleigh that delivered blocks of ice to ancient neighborhood ice boxes. With my Dad and little brother seeing Charlie Devens pitch for Harvard with, I think, Herman Fink catching, “Rabbit” Maranville artfully displaying his patented vest pocket catch at old Braves Field in Alston, Clarence De Mar and Johnny Kelley making yet another great run over the Newton Hills to a downtown finish in the Boston Marathon, Evening at Pops, nostalgic rides on the Garden’s swan boats, Christmas caroling around the State House and on Beacon Hill.

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