Moving Boxes and Boxes of Kittens

Big boxes, little boxes, round boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, crates, chests and of course a suitcase or four, plastic bags a plenty and of course a kitten or five — yes it is official — we are on the move.  Official tenancy starts 1st June — we have until 31st May to pack up the contents of the house — that is my job — and all the agricultural equipment, a dead car or two plus all the tools and spares and their housing as well as our tractor. There is also a garage to clear — thank goodness that is his job!

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Boxes are Better than Bytes

by Joyce Kohl

Over the last three years I have been the “victim” of electronic downloads more than once. Why do I continue to download a registered commercial or shareware program? There are several reasons: Instant delivery; save a few dollars; downloading was the only choice. Why are electronic downloads unacceptable alternatives to full package shipments? Why are more and more companies using downloading as a method of distribution for their software?

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