Big boxes, little boxes, round boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, crates, chests and of course a suitcase or four, plastic bags a plenty and of course a kitten or five — yes it is official — we are on the move.  Official tenancy starts 1st June — we have until 31st May to pack up the contents of the house — that is my job — and all the agricultural equipment, a dead car or two plus all the tools and spares and their housing as well as our tractor. There is also a garage to clear — thank goodness that is his job!

Thankfully our new landlord has said we can start moving the external gubbins now, the house still needs finishing touches to the kitchen which has been rebuilt — hopefully we can have a room to stack and store in the meantime as well before this house bursts at the seams.

Just how many boxes does it take — answers on a postcard please!

The shed is partially packed up — the Macs and printer all boxed up along with all the other electrics. I have to start on the books and the knickknacks and ephemera later today.

The housing for cars and machinery has been dismantled by “M” whose diminutive stature lends itself to clambering around on makeshift roofs so he can take them to bits. This has now been transported by tractor to the new house where he will rebuild it.

The house cats as opposed to the garden, shed and garage cats think this is enormous fun and a great opportunity to explore — especially when a door to forbidden territory is inadvertently left open.

Bubble and Squeak now have their legs and Mummy Pepper delights in playing “moving” too. She picks them up and deposits them in their new “home” only for one of us to put them back in their “igloo.” She has been training them vocally to “stay” and to “come here.” It has been a fascinating experience to hear them talking and learning to communicate.

My attempts to imitate them have been met with disdain and contempt. Mr P says this is because I speak “cat” ungrammatically — just like I speak Portuguese. They have turned into a real hazard, especially little Bubble who is a mix of the same colour as the ghastly floor tiles.

Mummy Pepper has a habit of moving them in the night and the poor mites are so tired they go to sleep on the spot and fail to “come here” as told. Squeak frightened the life out of me this morning when I went for an early morning bathroom break — he flung himself at me from under the bathroom cabinet!

Think of me tomorrow — the storage room awaits and when I tackle this lot!


  1. You have created a Theme Park for the kittens! What fun they must be having!

    I feel for you. There’s nothing more in the world that I dislike than having to plan and execute a move. It’s all so utterly exhausting.

    Are you buying boxes and hiring people to move you — or are you using what’s at hand and in the family?

  2. Moving is one of my absolute least favorite things to do. I wish that moving companies didn’t charge an arm and a leg, though.

    1. It is not nearly as emotional as the last time – and I have the house – that is easy – not much you can get into a house this size !

  3. This afternoons target was the woodburner and the ashes bucket ! I hasten to add it was not lit at the time.

    The planning is fine – Plans A, B, C and D are all in place. Execution is a different matter .Herding kittens was something I hoped would wait a while, but these lil ones are advancing much faster than we bargained for.

    We have a pretty good supply of boxes, we keep all the boxes for the electrical and computer stuff – and we kept all the boxes from the purchases for food and stuff for the handfasting. We knew we would be moving – we hoped it would be to a house I would be purchasing – but we will have to wait for that ……………. this is a half way house.

    We will probably move ourselves – but we have the option of hiring some Bulgarians to shift a lot of the heavy stuff – having a landrover and a tractor will help considerably! What is good about that is their wives will come in and totally clean the place after we have left. – RESULT !

    1. Yes, it sounds like you’re set! We never keep any box — just because we don’t have room. It would be better having the box for moving, so we have to make do!

      Trying to figure out how many boxes you need is a challenge, and I hope you can find enough to suit the move! What’s the plans with the kittens? Will you move them first or last on the big day?

      1. they will move the day the house stuff moves – they have a temporary palace awaiting them – the shed over there is going to be a cat house until they find their feet.

        1. Oh, that’s so good they’ll have an empire of their own!

          What I meant is — on the day you move — will you take them over first? Or they be the last and final “things” you move at the end of the day?

  4. I think they will be done in batches – will take one lot , then the next etc – we have to factor in a water heater being dismantled and reconnected – so that might get diconnected here one evening and we will sleep elsewhere then wait for it to be connected the other end the next day …………. if we can do that all in one day they will be taken as we catch them – rounding them up will be fun !

    1. That’s a good plan. I’m sure they’ll take to the move in good spirit. There are a lot of factors that are positive for them in the new home. I’m so excited for you all!

  5. As tiresome as the moving process can be, it’s exciting to see! I’m surprised there weren’t more stories of people (or kittens) tumbling over boxes– looks like an obstacle course!

    1. it wont be long Emily – we have both fallen to avoid falling over the kittens – that moment were you step back or tun and tour foot feels something small and fury and changes direction – throwing you off balance …………no coffee has been spilt yet – or kitten harmed – but it is a close call !

  6. At least the cats are having a good time. Makes me tired just thinking of it – and looking at your storage room. Will you be leaving behind the fabulous little room you created in the shed? Or was that in the new place? Well, good luck to you, keep posting about all your adventures in moving. Give Bubble a kiss for me.

    1. the cats love it ………………………..

      My fabulous little room will be moving with us – all except for the floor which we can redo if we need to. I have a brick built shed there – very posh – which I can use for the same purpose if I want to – but I may go for the rebuild on the other as it is rather special to me.

      Bubble says thank you and scampers off to the coal bucket which is todays favoured plave to hide ………………..

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