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Amygdala Volume and Facebook

A recent study has tied the size of the amygdala to human social networking.

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Do Low Serotonin Levels Really Cause Depression?

The medical community have felt for a long while that low serotonin levels in the brain lead to depression — but there are several problems with that belief — and new research suggests neurogenesis holds a truer key to cure.

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How to Kill a Man

What is the best way to kill a man with the least effort on our part and that would give him the quickest, most painless, end — while saving us the most money?

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Religion and Psychiatry

If you have $200.00USD to spare, there’s a book you need to buy — “Religion and PsychiatryBeyond Boundaries” — and if you don’t have that much scratch, I’ll try to fill you in on a bit of what you’re missing.

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Have a Stroke? Jump into the Freezer!

We know immediately cooling the brain after a stroke can help preserve neurological function by reducing swelling.  Making the brain chilly is also effective in saving lives and brain capabilities after heart attacks and after infant oxygen deprivation.  Products like Kool-Kit are already on the market to strategically lower the temperature of important parts of the body.

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Grey’s Gets it Dramatically Wrong

Do medical television shows owe us a correct diagnosis and treatment of the ill and infirm — or does anything go as entertainment in the unwinding drama?

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My Two Brains

Are you a left-brain learner or a right-brain learner?  Does it matter any longer?  Should we be “whole lobe” learners — or do lateralized brains, instead of mirrored ones, better serve us?

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