On Yawning

Are you already yawning while reading this?

If you are speaking to someone — in a formal or informal setting — and they keep yawning in response, are you insulted that they are tired and not paying attention?  Or are you in some way complimented that someone is showing you the back of their throat?

For much of my life, I took a yawn from someone as an affront that I was somehow boring the point of my interest, and if a student dared to loudly yawn in class, that was of even more concern that I was losing the accrued interest of a topic I was divining to share.

Then I met a good, and ancient, friend, who happened to also be an excellent stage director — and professional theologian — who taught me my thinking was wrong.

A yawn is a compliment, he argued — a good thing — and you should work a room, and conversations, to get that open mouth staring back at you.

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The Strange Breathlessness of HandsOnlyCPR.org

I saw a strange television advertisement the other day for HandsOnlyCPR.org and I was surprised to learn the American Heart Association is now suggesting you can do CPR — Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation — without the Pulmonary!

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Eyes as the Sign of Life

We used to think breath was the sign of life — and while that may be true in real life — online, your life is found in your eyes.  I know you have no idea what I’m talking about, so go to — MP Change — and look at the lifelike image.  The eyes are alive and stalking you!

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Ten Seven

Pass the beer!

Guzzle the rotgut!

Hold breath to forget.

Email Apnea

Do you suffer from Email Apnea?  Do you hold your breath while writing?

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Painting Tables

by Steve Gaines

the morning my Grandfather died
he was painting picnic tables
making his way slowly down a long line of them
aluminum colored and pealing in the sun
badly wearing their too many years

he was bringing them back to a shining new life
and he was quietly dying on his way
one foot in front of the next
one breath on top of the last
slower and slower

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The Stranger

by Janet Hanna

As you stepped from the train,
your dress billowed out
in the underdraft
Your arms were bare
and white
against the dark
background of the coach

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