Comcast Just Doubled My Internet Speed for Free! Or Did They?

My Comcast Internet and Phone service went out last night for three hours.  It was a unique widespread outage — I might lose either Phone or Internet, but in 10 years I don’t recall ever losing both of them at the same time with no modem lights — and I was secretly hoping Comcast were finally doing their free “double speed” upgrade for our area they’d been publicly promising for weeks in an attempt to tamp down Verizon FiOS infiltration into their broadband power user neighborhoods.

In the past, I’ve written about Comcast Data Caps and I was happy to see Comcast suspend data caps for the 2012 Summer — because that makes for great Big Brother live stream viewing — and I wondered if the cap suspension was because of the planned doubling of internet speed so users could get used to the added speed without having to worry about going over their broadband usage limit?

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How Comcast Now Meters My Broadband Usage

On September 5, 2008, I wrote an article called — “Comcast Kills the Internets” — and that piece detailed the nefarious scheme for how Comcast planned to
begin to meter our internet bandwidth consumption in the home.  The
horrible day of my meeting my metering has finally arrived with this
“pleased to announce” record of doom recently found in my Comcast.Net
email Inbox:

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Comcast Kills the Internets

I was a fan of Comcast for about five minutes until I learned this week that Comcast plans to kill the Internets by placing a cap on bandwidth.

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The Deaf iPhone

With the wild rumors this week that we’ll have a new 3G iPhone coming soon in the USA, one cannot escape the delight doing video iChat!

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Courtyard by Marriott VPN

I recently stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott hotel — the Spa King rooms are wonderful — and each room is provided with free, wired, Internet access.

I was astounded at the slow speed of my Internet connection when I first started using the Marriott provided backbone — but I washed off the slow by not expecting much for free.

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