With the wild rumors this week that we’ll have a new 3G iPhone coming soon in the USA, one cannot escape the delight doing video iChat!

Hearing people may not feel the incredible wonder that doing video chat over a cellular phone brings to the hearts of the Deaf
— but I promise you the iPhone will cause a thundering in the Deaf
Community as they can finally experience “equal access” to the
telephone via a broadband cellphone.

Seeing the person you are
“speaking to” over an iPhone will bring a whole new horizon of
understanding and shaped communication based on gestural semiotics and
not just semantic memes. 

Fathers can kiss their daughters goodnight on the cheek via video.

Crime witnesses can send in live video of a carjacking in progress.

A Deaf Mother can sign over video to her son in school to wish him luck on an exam.

Apple are innovators — but the iPhone — the First Deaf iPhone
— cannot come to soon enough to re-form how we relate to each other
with the light and the warmth of total communication in a universe of
static darkness and shivering.

Here’s another take for you: