There’s nothing worse for a common end user then getting caught in a fight between two elite web titans.

This blog is only a few days old and I’ve already discovered my hosted blog, Urban Semiotic, is unable — or unwilling? — to accept Trackbacks from this pair Networks hosted Movable Type 4.1 blog.

Is that by choice or coincidence?

Consider this public charring between Six Apart’s Anil Dash and some of the paid Automattic/ staff on the Movable Type blog.

That fight was covered by the tech press here and here and here.

I sure hope there isn’t any retribution going on — because that tactic only cheapens the titans and wounds the loyal users.

all in this technological lifeboat together — set adrift in the ether
to only come apart — and the re-formation of us all mandates our unity
in spirit and deed.

I asked Akismet support if there was a
problem with the Trackbacks getting caught as Spam.  I will report back
here if I receive a response.


  1. WordPress Censorship or Technical Glitch?

    As we live and die and publish and perish on the web together, it is never a delight to be told your work is suddenly missing from publication.  I was informed yesterday that my article, “Urban Semiotic Articles Deleted from…

  2. I just sent a Trackback to my blog from my Showtime article and it did not go through.

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