The Brilliance of Repair Cafes

We live in a society in which it is almost always easier and cheaper to replace something than to get it fixed and in which we throw away our perfectly functioning devices with slightly newer devices because they happen to be just a little bit faster and have a bit more shine to them. (I am guilty of this, having bought an iPhone 4 even though my iPhone 3G was still more than adequate!) One of the big problems is that with so much manufacturing being outsourced to China, the devices on which we rely are far cheaper than if they were domestically produced by workers being paid a fair wage. If your $5 calculator breaks it would probably cost $20 to get it repaired anywhere, if you are lucky. Since you could get four calculators for that much money, it makes more sense financially to just throw your calculator in the bin and to get another.

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Electroshock Therapy and My Amazon Kindle

I used to think my Amazon Kindle was a SuperStar!  Then the Kindle DX crashed my party, and I swore I’d never buy another Kindle — and I have not.  I read Kindle books on my iPhone and on my delightful iPad.  I like a bright, backlit, screen because I spend a lot of time in dark places like theatres and dank basements and editing rooms and recording bays — so the Kindle’s need for direct light in order to be read is a real problem for me — especially eyes age and the need for greater illumination grows.  I still use my Kindle to occasionally browse the sale rack on Amazon, and that means I have to infrequently recharge my Kindle.  The other day, when I plugged my Kindle in to the Amazon power source shown in the image below, I got a mild tingling in my fingers:  My Kindle electroshocked me!  My eyes rolled back into my head as I shook off the bite.

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Quitting the Correcting Game

For most of my adult life I have had a pretty bad addiction, and I am trying to put it behind me. Whether it is in the context of a conversation in person, over the phone, or conducted over any of a number of digitial media, I have wasted too much time correcting people — it has to stop now.

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Outlawing Crafting

Today, I propose we enact a new rule when it comes to the Art of Human Living:  Outlawing Crafting.  I realize this idea may be less popular than Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” — commoditizing children by eating babies in the time of economic hardship — and I’m sure there are some among us who will also accuse me of treachery against the American Spirit. 
We live to pretend to recreate Art from the junk of others.

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This Blog is Broken

We apologize this blog is broken.  We, with you, are waiting with held thumbs as Pair Networks Movable Type Support rescues us from what we believe is a subdomain SymLink problem.  You can see the trouble when you click on the title of this post above or click on the “Continue Reading” link below.  When you click on that you get a munged footer template and not “The Rest of the Story…”

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3G is Broken on the iPhone 3G

I have been loving my new iPhone 3G a lot — but after the recent 2.0.2 upgrade that was supposed to “fix” the 3G voice and data problems on at&t, I am beginning to taste the sting of a bitter lemon from Apple.

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My iPhone 1.0 was Bricked by iPhone 2.0 Software

On Friday, Apple released the second generation iPhone with 3G — iPhone 2.0, if you will — and it was an unmitigated disaster in every sense for any sensible person that values time over dilly-dallying and working over standing in line.

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