Big Brother Drug Dealer

Former Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski is in big trouble:

CHERRY HILL native Adam Jasinski used his $500,000 prize from winning CBS’ “Big Brother” to buy oxycodone pills to re-sell, authorities say.

Jasinski, 31, was arrested over the weekend in Florida after allegedly
trying to sell a sock full of the painkillers to an undercover federal
agent. Jasinski, a Camden County Community College grad, faces up to 20
years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted on charges of
possession with intent to distribute the narcotic.

Jasinski made headlines while living in the “Big Brother”
house last year when he referred to autistic children as “retards,”
which caused him to lose his job in public relations for the United
Autism Foundation. Jasinski was also heard, on a live 24/7 Internet
feed of the house, calling a gay cast mate a “faggot.”

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Outwitting the Wicked: Only the Vile Remain

Why is it when reality shows become closed microcosms of society only the nasty survive and only the vile remain?  I’m now in my eleventh season of watching Big Brother on CBS, and this year, I’m close to packing it in and giving up on the show forever because when vile rats like Ronnie remain — seen below sleeping with one eye open — and all the good-hearted and trusting people are picked off one-by-one by the deliciously vicious… the rest of us are left to mourn what could have been: A fair game about social interaction without producer interference.

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Keesha: You are that Girl and You are that Stupid

Keesha was voted out of the Big Brother 10 house and — in the spirit of poopy panties — we welcome her back into the land of the losers.

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Respect is Not Earned

With each breaking day, the culture of our world community is cracking into crassness and the memes of delivery for that debasing of human nature lives in the tubes of the internets.  When you see the — now infamous — image of the boy below, do you laugh or cringe?

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Big Brother 9: Shitty Shorts and Poopy Panties

I am a fan of Big Brother on CBS television even though the “reality show” is filled with miscreants, the dishonorable, and the verifiably wacky.

Each season of Big Brother descends deeper into debauchery and a cruel malfeasance blasted on everyone within eyeshot and earshot of each other — and while one recoils from the idea of actually watching the disassembly of lives in real time — one cannot help but find delight in the evolutionary machinations of a house full of people fighting each other for a $500,000.00 USD prize.

This year’s Big Brother is the first “winter” edition, but that doesn’t mean the show, or the people starring in it, are any better than the previous summertime versions.

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Big Brother 7 in the House

If there is a reality show on television I will watch it and I will enjoy it and I will — usually — be furious with the winner because the person who wins is rarely a kind and gentle spirit.
The sort of person who wins a reality television show is ordinarily cruel and misbegotten and hateful.
The biggest and the best of all the reality shows is Big Brother, now in its seventh season on CBS.
Last year Keyser Soze won Big Brother 6 and it was a huge disappointment.
I’m back with Big Brother this year because the live feeds are irresistible. To be able to watch live on the internet 24/7 what is happening inside the Big Brother house is a terrific treat if you are interested in human behavior.
Janelle and Kaysar work out together while plotting against others in the house:

Big Brother 7

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Keyser Soze Wins Big Brother 6

Keyser Soze — aka “Maggie” — won $500,000 last night on the season finale of the CBS television reality show borefest Big Brother 6. I have watched all the Big Brother shows since the first season. I even paid to purchase the live internet feeds to watch the real show behind the “faked” broadcast shows that never demonstrate the true character of the players. The best year for Big Brother was the first.

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