Keesha was voted out of the Big Brother 10 house and — in the spirit of poopy panties — we welcome her back into the land of the losers.

Keesha was cast as the stereotypical, ditsy, blue-eyed, blonde who happened to be completely unaware of who she really was even though she claimed she was the opposite.

Keesha was overtaken with jealousy of the other women in the house and that’s how she played the game:  To remove her female competition.

She was supposed to be in the game to win $500,000.0USD.

The problem with playing to only oust your sexual competition is that once Keesha cleared the racks of her XX chromosome competition, she was left with the boys who summarily ate her up and spit her out without pausing to taste her:  In the Big Brother house it’s always, “Bros before hos,” and Keesha never saw that even though all of her female counterparts warned her.

Keesha’s has two favorite sayings:

Keesha would describe the other women in the house in the most degrading and monstrous ways, and then end her evisceration of her “friends” by claiming, “I’m not that girl” — even though she was.

Keesha’s other daily saying was, “I’m not stupid!” any time anyone in the house would try to give her advice or provide her a dire warning about her status in the house.  She turned out to be the stupidest of them all by only believing her own lies and by not recognizing the truth hunting her down and encircling her for the kill.

Keesha made her mark after two months in the Big Brother House this way:

  • She never really cleaned anything.
  • She never made a meal for the entire house.
  • She barely washed a single dish.

Please, Keesha, take your fantastic good looks and your feeble mind and immoral heart and disappear from our national reality television screen forever. 

Keesha, we’d wish you well returning to your Hooters career even though you lack basic cleaning skills and even though you played a backward game — but we already know your reply:  “I’m not that girl and I’m not stupid.”

It was amazing and rich to witness the wanton reality of self-revelation in the universal denial via a live internet stream 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Keesha, we already miss you without missing you.


  1. I think you’re right about that, arin. She has a great face. Her entire body structure is alluring. She can go a long way for a long time on the surface image she presents. She’s 30 now. She can go at least another 10 without losing a step on a wrinkle.

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