Who Would Taunt a Dying Child? These People!

Proverbially speaking, it is never considered proper to kick a fellow when he is down — doing so in reality is even worse. Whether it comes in the form of ridiculing a person who is sleeping on the street or yelling cruel insults at a person in a wheelchair, it is simply not the proper way for one person to behave toward another.

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No Out of the Closet Employees at Shorter University

According to public data easily accessible through Google’s public data explorer, the current unemployment rate in the United States is 9.1% — and in Georgia it is 10.3%. The reason I bring up Georgia specifically is because of something that is going on at Shorter University, based in Rome, Georgia.

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The Terrorists Among Us

We live in dangerous times.  We may believe terrorists live afar — and that we’re valiantly battling them in the Middle East with our military — but what are we doing about our homegrown terrorists who seek to punish with their hate in the deaths of others?  Are we killing our homegrown terrorists with lead and bombs?  Or do we somehow see these killers among us as some sort of misbegotten patriot?

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Octomom Hates Her Babies

For some reason, whenever I think of Nadya Suleman (often referred to as Octomom in the media because she chose to have eight embryos implanted in her at once and gave birth to eight perfectly healthy babies) I think of the life of the typical Jewish woman who lived in slavery in Egypt many years ago and, according to some, would miraculously always give birth to six and more babies at a go — this greatly increased the population of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time in a short span of time. They were not, however, getting pregnant and giving birth to numerous babies as some sort of publicity stunt — rather it was because it was necessary to save the Jewish people at the time from extinction.

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An Anti-Semitic Encounter in Kew Gardens

The history of anti-Semitism stretches back many years and has existed more or less just as long as the Jewish people have existed. Our own holy scriptures are replete with stories of our people being persecuted for attempting to live their lives as Jews and it is a story that has repeated itself over and over again — year after year, decade after decade, century after century. Empire after empire, regime after regime have attempted to annihilate the entirety of the Jewish people and failed miserably in their efforts.

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Up from the Hate Box: The Homo Retard Prom

Every day some sort of hate mail arrives in my Inbox and quickly gets filtered into the “Hate” label and away from my immediate eye. Two of the most popular triggers for an email to be filtered into the “Hate” pile are “homo” and “retard” and in a single message yesterday, both of those cue words landed in the heap.

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Racist Ann Coulter Confuses Satire and Bigotry

If we did not already know that racial harmony is a myth, the words of Ann Coulter could not have made the point more clearly. Always ready to spread bile and hate, Ms. Coulter traveled to speak at Canadian universities, but had to cancel an appearance last Tuesday night when protesters showed up en masse to stand against her appearance.

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