For some reason, whenever I think of Nadya Suleman (often referred to as Octomom in the media because she chose to have eight embryos implanted in her at once and gave birth to eight perfectly healthy babies) I think of the life of the typical Jewish woman who lived in slavery in Egypt many years ago and, according to some, would miraculously always give birth to six and more babies at a go — this greatly increased the population of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time in a short span of time. They were not, however, getting pregnant and giving birth to numerous babies as some sort of publicity stunt — rather it was because it was necessary to save the Jewish people at the time from extinction.

Over the last few years I have seen more and more bizarre stories about this so-called Octomom and always wondered how long it would go on — companies giving her gifts, the media clamoring to pay her for exclusive interview rights and photographs that would grace the covers of magazines on news stands around the country (and world!)

At some point, I reasoned, people would grow tired of reading about her and would want to move on to more interesting subjects. At that point in time, what would become of the Octomom and her multiple children — as we know, she not only had the eight babies, she had those in addition to the numerous children that she already had at the time. What would happen when she no longer received sponsorship opportunities and television specials dedicated to her?

Simply put, now that the attention is off of her and she has to put in the real work of being a mother, she hates it and she hates her children. She hates that there are so many of them and it is no longer the fun experience of having eight adorable babies and lots of cameras pointed her way — now they are crying toddlers that need her attention and she is a single mother receiving state benefits with little outside help.

‘Sometimes I sit there for hours and even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor – anything to get peace and quiet. Some days I have thoughts about killing myself. I cannot cope.
‘Obviously I love them, but I absolutely wish I had not had them.’

This is pretty much why there should be tests required in order to be a mother — not just big cash and sponsorships. What is the reason you are becoming a parent — because you love babies? Or rather is it because you are fully understanding of the fact that you will be up many nights with them in tears, researching what various cough and sneeze sounds and symptoms mean, often even putting aside your own wants because that is what it means to properly parent — your children cannot take the steps necessary to properly raise themselves and so you must do it.

If you are ready to be a parent and are doing it for the right reason, by all means do it. If you are more interested in the spotlight and interviews and getting surgery to look like celebrities, get out of that fertility clinic and reconsider your options. You don’t want to end up with a group of children you hate because those children will not be raised well.


  1. I am actually amazed by her, Gordon. She’s a human cockroach. You can’t kill her and you can’t take away her kids. She finds a way to survive, and even thrive. I want to know her secret.

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