Is Octomom Now the Worst Loan Shark Shill in the World?

Her current porn career notwithstanding, we have known since at least February 9, 2009 that Nadya Suleman is — The Worst Mother in the World — and now we have additional information that makes one wonder if she is now also The Worst Loan Shark Shill Ever!

I confess there is something oddly alluring about Ms. Suleman — not in a sexual manner, but rather in one of witnessing a car crashing in slow motion over and over and over with every wrong move she makes. Imagine my shock when she recently popped on my late-night television screen in what, at first, appeared to be a private YouTube video gone public, and vilely viral, catching her unaware at home — when, oops!, all she was really doing — surprise! — was serving as an on-purpose paid loan shark pitchperson… err… pitchshark… uh… loanshill… ah… OctoLoanSharkMom to charge vig on money people don’t have.

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Octomom Hates Her Babies

For some reason, whenever I think of Nadya Suleman (often referred to as Octomom in the media because she chose to have eight embryos implanted in her at once and gave birth to eight perfectly healthy babies) I think of the life of the typical Jewish woman who lived in slavery in Egypt many years ago and, according to some, would miraculously always give birth to six and more babies at a go — this greatly increased the population of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time in a short span of time. They were not, however, getting pregnant and giving birth to numerous babies as some sort of publicity stunt — rather it was because it was necessary to save the Jewish people at the time from extinction.

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Kathy Griffin's Racist Pussy Face

Kathy Griffin can be a talented comic, but lately, she’s a bit too full of herself as she tries to go mainstream from the D-List.  On the latest edition of her Bravo television show, she made a Racist and Bigoted and stereotypical remark and she was rightfully banned from the Apollo theatre for life because she refused to own her words.

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Racial Embryo Profiling

If you were Octomom — and if you could have picked the skin color, hair texture and eye pigment for your litter of children — would you have tried to take that extra step in the genetic coding of your kids?

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