Her current porn career notwithstanding, we have known since at least February 9, 2009 that Nadya Suleman is — The Worst Mother in the World — and now we have additional information that makes one wonder if she is now also The Worst Loan Shark Shill Ever!

I confess there is something oddly alluring about Ms. Suleman — not in a sexual manner, but rather in one of witnessing a car crashing in slow motion over and over and over with every wrong move she makes. Imagine my shock when she recently popped on my late-night television screen in what, at first, appeared to be a private YouTube video gone public, and vilely viral, catching her unaware at home — when, oops!, all she was really doing — surprise! — was serving as an on-purpose paid loan shark pitchperson… err… pitchshark… uh… loanshill… ah… OctoLoanSharkMom to charge vig on money people don’t have.

Here are the gory details when I visited her loan site online:

Nadya Suleman Endorsed (OctoMom)
If anyone knows financial hardship Nadya does. This is why she has decided to endorse our service OctoLoan℠ which connects you directly to a lender when you need money quickly. A cash advance is designed to help you during an unexpected emergency. You can use it for a car repair, food, credit card bills, rent, travel or whatever you need it for. Use cash advances responsibly. They are not designed for long term financial solutions. They can be more affordable then over draft charges from your bank, credit card late fees, and reactivation charges from utilties.

Would you ever want Octomom to give you advice on getting an emergency loan?  Does she have any credit in actually being able to make regular house payments and care for her all her children without the substantial financial help of the great State of California?

Or are we supposed to connect with Octomom on a lower level because she’s a financial loser and we’re failures for needing money we don’t have and that’s why we’d listen to her advice?

I wonder if we can get Charles Manson to be the next spokesmodel for the California Tourism Bureau?  I can imagine the pitch line:  “Come for the sunshine and leave with a
carving fork in your stomach!”


    1. Love your idea, Gordon! Reserve that domain now and be sure to sign up Mitt Romney to be your paid spokesmodel on November 7, 2012.

      I think the Octo has always been pretty low, hasn’t she? I’m not sure she can go lower than she has been… she just keeps seeping outward on us…

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