Is Octomom Now the Worst Loan Shark Shill in the World?

Her current porn career notwithstanding, we have known since at least February 9, 2009 that Nadya Suleman is — The Worst Mother in the World — and now we have additional information that makes one wonder if she is now also The Worst Loan Shark Shill Ever!

I confess there is something oddly alluring about Ms. Suleman — not in a sexual manner, but rather in one of witnessing a car crashing in slow motion over and over and over with every wrong move she makes. Imagine my shock when she recently popped on my late-night television screen in what, at first, appeared to be a private YouTube video gone public, and vilely viral, catching her unaware at home — when, oops!, all she was really doing — surprise! — was serving as an on-purpose paid loan shark pitchperson… err… pitchshark… uh… loanshill… ah… OctoLoanSharkMom to charge vig on money people don’t have.

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Charles Manson Still Interviewed

Forty-two years ago, Charles Manson orchestrated the murders of eight people, possibly more that have never been discovered. In my best estimate, the thing that should have been done once it was determined that he should spend the rest of his life in prison is that he should not have gotten anything in terms of media attention, interviews, record releases, or anything of the sort. Rather, he should have been put in prison and let to stay there with not so much as any form of contact with the media, let alone a series of interviews that seems to happen every so often.

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California Gives Manson More Life

What’s wrong with California? Last week the state released an updated mug shot of Charles Manson for the world to ponder and pick on:

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