Is Octomom Now the Worst Loan Shark Shill in the World?

Her current porn career notwithstanding, we have known since at least February 9, 2009 that Nadya Suleman is — The Worst Mother in the World — and now we have additional information that makes one wonder if she is now also The Worst Loan Shark Shill Ever!

I confess there is something oddly alluring about Ms. Suleman — not in a sexual manner, but rather in one of witnessing a car crashing in slow motion over and over and over with every wrong move she makes. Imagine my shock when she recently popped on my late-night television screen in what, at first, appeared to be a private YouTube video gone public, and vilely viral, catching her unaware at home — when, oops!, all she was really doing — surprise! — was serving as an on-purpose paid loan shark pitchperson… err… pitchshark… uh… loanshill… ah… OctoLoanSharkMom to charge vig on money people don’t have.

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Collaborators Not Cooperators

We must always wish for collaborators — and not cooperators — because collaborators have a vested interest in a shared success, while cooperators have nothing to lose, but they are always around to suckle on the win.

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Accepting Square Payments on Your iPhone: The Review

Square is a new financial service that allows you to charge credit cards on your iPhone or iPad and the whole idea is really quite brilliant.  At first blush, you might not understand why you would want to collect credit card payments if you use PayPal or some other online banking service — but if you think about your work day and how you interact with others in a business and personal sense — Square is giving you a cash register in the palm of your hand to facilitate credit card transactions just as if you had a storefront location.  After verifying your vitals on the Square website, you can begin accepting credit card transactions on your iOS device.  You mange your account online.  Each week, Square will deposit up to $1,000.00USD into your bank account.  Square’s vig for swiped credit cards is 2.75% +15 cents and 3.5% + 15 cents for keyed-in credit cards.

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Cash in Pocket

We live in the world of virtual money — but has the ATM card replaced the money in your pocket?

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