Is Octomom Now the Worst Loan Shark Shill in the World?

Her current porn career notwithstanding, we have known since at least February 9, 2009 that Nadya Suleman is — The Worst Mother in the World — and now we have additional information that makes one wonder if she is now also The Worst Loan Shark Shill Ever!

I confess there is something oddly alluring about Ms. Suleman — not in a sexual manner, but rather in one of witnessing a car crashing in slow motion over and over and over with every wrong move she makes. Imagine my shock when she recently popped on my late-night television screen in what, at first, appeared to be a private YouTube video gone public, and vilely viral, catching her unaware at home — when, oops!, all she was really doing — surprise! — was serving as an on-purpose paid loan shark pitchperson… err… pitchshark… uh… loanshill… ah… OctoLoanSharkMom to charge vig on money people don’t have.

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The Worst Mother in the World

There can be no doubt Nadya Suleman is the now the worst mother in the world — scheming, selfish, contorted, illogical, cruel — after giving birth to eight babies in a single birthing. This newest traitor to the human condition was reportedly paid $300,000.00USD by NBC News for the story of implanting her babies and NBC should be shamed in the public square along with Suleman for celebrating what must be condemned:  A mother’s want trumping the needs of her existing children.

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