There can be no doubt Nadya Suleman is the now the worst mother in the world — scheming, selfish, contorted, illogical, cruel — after giving birth to eight babies in a single birthing. This newest traitor to the human condition was reportedly paid $300,000.00USD by NBC News for the story of implanting her babies and NBC should be shamed in the public square along with Suleman for celebrating what must be condemned:  A mother’s want trumping the needs of her existing children.

Suleman, already the mother of six children, decided to cave in to her grossest obsession to have eight more.  Even Suleman’s mother condemns her:

Angela Suleman said that her daughter “spent a lot of money on toys” but never contributed rent or food money and failed to tell her mother about more than $167,000 that records show she received from worker’s compensation claims.”I did hear that she received money from her insurance,” Angela Suleman told in an interview that was aired on “GMA.” “She never told me. But I’ve never seen any money, not for house payments or for feeding the kids.”

Suleman isn’t finished piking the fame-from-her womb:

She feels she might become a highly paid parenting expert and wants to talk to Oprah – for $2 million dollars.She’s hitting up businesses left right and centre for freebies, and most tellingly, she’s hired a publicist.

It appears Suleman uses having babies as a way of feeling better.

The state documents describe Suleman becoming pregnant with her first child after a 1999 injury during a riot at a state mental hospital where she worked. Suleman feared she would lose the child and sunk into an intense depression, according to a psychological evaluation in her workers’ compensation case.”When you have a history of miscarriages, you think it will take a miracle,” she told Dr. Dennis Nehamen. “I just wanted to die. I suspected I was pregnant but I thought, ‘That’s ridiculous.'”

But the 2001 birth of the baby “helped my spirits,” Suleman said.

Do we really want babies born just to treat their depressive mothers?

While we are grateful the California Medical Board had ignited an investigation into the doctor that implanted all of Suleman’s embryos, we need a universal condemnation of Suleman’s behavior to restrict her fame, her thirst for money, and her ongoing yearning to be loved — even though that wish will never be small enough or facile enough to actually be fulfilled.


  1. Quite laughable, really – that she really wants to get away with this. She really is indeed the worst.

  2. Did you watch the interview, Gordon? She is quite obviously, in my view, mentally deficient. She has no sense of the horror she created. She has no means to support her children. She lives with her mother. She has zero education. She is on disability. Some claim the cost for just getting these last eight children out of the hospital will range anywhere between $1.5-3.3 million. Who will pay that bill? Not her! It will be the California taxpayers that end up caring for her children because she cannot.

  3. There is something wrong with her. Do you think she wanted these babies to make money, David?

  4. From watching the interview, Anne, it certainly seems she finds self-worth in building implanted babies. Truly strange to watch. Methinks she needs to be highly medicated and placed in an institution far, far, away from any of her children.

  5. Actually I feel for those kids David, what kind of childhood and exposure they are going to get in their formative years?

  6. I feel for the children, too, Katha. What will happen to them? Where will they go? The final eight will certainly have long-term disabilities of some sort they will need to overcome.

  7. Now the explosions begin:

    The Beverly Hills doctor whose fertility treatment led to the birth of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets — and her six previous children — has one of the worst success rates of any fertility clinic in the country, according to federal records reviewed by the Los Angeles Times.
    Taxpayers are already footing part of the bill for a situation he helped create. Suleman receives $490 a month in food stamps, and three of her first six children are disabled and receiving federal benefits. Moreover, Kaiser Permanente Hospital in suburban Bellflower has asked California’s health plan for the poor to cover the cost for the eight premature infants in its care, according to multiple sources familiar with the case.

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