Google are making many surprise moves early in 2009 and I love them all.  The latest Google gift is the ability to use Google Gears to work offline with Gmail and your Google Calendar. 
Google Gears worked up offline access for Docs last year and now, as you can see below on my Mac Desktop, I have direct access my mail, sked and workload 24/7/365 and I could not be happier.

As your favorite Google doyen, I am finally delighted the company is moving technology forward with much more force and gusto in 2009 than they ever did in 2008.

Now that “the cloud” has come to my desktop, I don’t need to worry if I’m online or not when I work my 18-hour days. 

Google next needs to release exclusive features for their paying Premier Edition members like we here at Boles University

We pay our way to get stuff first, to have features the free accounts lack, and to receive quicker customer service. 

So far, we paying customers don’t really get any of that — and it is to Google’s ultimate shame that they can’t seem to want to learn the difference between those that foot the bills and those that go on foot for free. 


  1. Yes, I think I’m using these, David. I thank you for the synch thing email. I think I have it working now.

  2. I’m glad you have Google Gears working for you now, Anne!
    Here are the links I sent you about the new Google Sync:
    I have it set up as PUSH on my iPhone and it works super great.
    The only problem is that when I go to — it only supports traditional Gmail accounts and not Google Apps accounts to set pretty calendar colors and such. Harumph!

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