If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching the Investigation Discovery network’s programming it’s that you should never buy term life insurance unless you want to end up dead!

As a young, naive, lad — I had no idea what “term life” insurance meant — and I was horrified to learn from ID that it means you’re worth more dead than alive!

The radio advertising my ear now tunes in to instead of out of describes “term life” insurance policies you can buy for about $20 a month that will pay out $500,000.00USD to your surviving beneficiaries. 

That sort of quick payout guarantees your dying long before you are due to expire!

I suppose I can understand how term life insurance would provide for your children in the untimely event of your death, but if you’re just married and your spouse takes out a term life insurance policy for you — uh, “against” you? — I think the next step in the relationship is the blunt realization of the knife in your back, the saw blade piercing your gullet and a 9mm slug ripping a new hole in your bleeding gut!

Oh, yeah, and your death is made to look “accidental.” 

I wonder if these crime documentaries help teach us how not to die of if they’re really a primer for teaching you how to murder and get away with it.

Do we really need the details of learning how to thwart crime scene investigations?

I love the Discovery Network channels, but I hope they aren’t doing us more harm than good:

I don’t see the benefit in term life insurance — kids or not — because there is no way it can be good for you that your family is better off without you than with you. 

I suppose it is naive to think it is better to have me alive and around providing love and money than it is to have any sort of lingering temptation for someone to want to collect a bounty off the term life hide of my dead body.


  1. Maybe it would be worth it for someone who works in a risky environment, like a construction yard? There’s the chance that the person might pass away while in the call of duty and their family wouldn’t be able to provide for itself without his / her help… 🙂

  2. Gordon —
    I can understand the need for life insurance — but it is certainly creepy and tempting in ways that are horrible for the human spirit — a quick end can make a vast fortune.

  3. Oh, I just love the discovery networks, david. totally addictive. like chocolate for me. The ID channel is pretty much focused on killing and murder. Its too depressing for me. I like the green channel.

  4. We’re the same way, Anne! The Discovery Network is at the top of all our favorites list. Their HD channel is spectacular! I can’t wait for their entire network to go HD. Seeing all that blood in high definition is something we don’t want to miss! SMILE!

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  6. I tend to agree with you David, there are instances of people killing themselves/ getting murdered because of the insurance money – everything has its flip side I guess.

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