Google Goofs Google Docs

There’s nothing I hate more than when a company “improves” their product to only make it dumber and less friendly than it was before the improvement.  Today’s case-in-point are The Google — who decided to goof with how a Google Docs file is saved and then released from view.

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Google Docs: Did You Mean CUNT or CUNY?

This morning, I was editing a file in Google Docs, when I was asked by
the Google Spellcheck — if I meant “CUNT” instead of “CUNY” — and that
was quite a wild wake up call at 4:30am.

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Google Docs Upload File Fiasco

There is something terribly wrong with the new batch file upload feature of Google Docs that was introduced this week. 
For two, solid, days, I’ve been trying to upload all my local doc files to Google Docs so I might live safely — and solely — in “the could” but it isn’t working as you can see in the screenshot below.  Error after error after error was presented as Google Docs choked on the uploading of simple Word document files.  What a sour and bitter disappointment!

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Google Gears Goes Offline

Google are making many surprise moves early in 2009 and I love them all.  The latest Google gift is the ability to use Google Gears to work offline with Gmail and your Google Calendar. 
Google Gears worked up offline access for Docs last year and now, as you can see below on my Mac Desktop, I have direct access my mail, sked and workload 24/7/365 and I could not be happier.

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The Mechanization of Memory

As we are swallowed by the technology we create, we are losing our emotional tether to history as human memory is mechanized into the ether of our invisible material world.

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