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Called Worse by Better People

I am always amazed at the vulgar language people try to use online to convince others of the importance of their argument. 

When people begin to curse and insult others in a vicious manner, the good people tune out instead of engaging.

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Captcha if You Can

The New York Times had a great article concerning the bane of “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart” — “captcha” for short — on our virtual lives.
If you don’t recognize the word “captcha” you will certainly recognize their semiotic power over your online life:

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Hate Mail and Spam

I have decided there is no difference between Hate Mail and Spam. Nobody wants to get either one; they each share the intent to bother and wound; Hate Mail and Spam live to burden and bother.

Do you agree Hate Mail and Spam are the same thing?

If not, what’s the difference between the two?

What is the worst piece of Hate Mail you received?

What was the silliest Spam you found in your Inbox?

Thin Blood Line

There is a thin line of blood between Love and Hate. Love and Hate inspire the same fury of emotion as well as similar rises in blood pressure and changes in brain chemistry. Some wonder how Love can so quickly turn into Hate.

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BlogMad Blows It!

BlogMad, a blog exchange service in beta testing, blew away their databases today and this blog, and my account, were one of the unlucky ones to have everything reset to zero.
BlogMad support tells me there is no way to restore the lost settings.
All that surfing gone.
All that “ranking” gone.
All those earned credits gone.

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Why I Hate Internet Explorer

We all hate Internet Explorer 6.0 as a web browser because it is slow and clunky and unfriendly. Unfortunately, most of the world uses Internet Explorer because it is bundled for free with Windows and so we, as content providers, must deal with that horrible fact of how we are experienced throughout the world. 

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