The Buzzing Vuvuzela Debate

The 2010 World Cup is well under way and I am reminded of attending a game with my father in 1994. Sitting in a section of fans of the Italian team, we had a percussion instrument — I wish I could find its name but I have been unable to do so thusfar. It consisted of a couple of wooden mallets with cymbals on them that swung into a central mallet by shaking it. Plenty of people in the Italy section had them and we would yell and shake them hard, making a lot of noise.

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The Art of Snoring

Is snoring the sign of a deep-sleep state or it is an ominous warning something is wrong?
Do people know they snore? I have been accused of snoring but then I realize the person accusing me is only hearing her own snoring! At least that’s what I think I think. It’s hard to know what’s happening when you’re asleep. 

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