Is snoring the sign of a deep-sleep state or it is an ominous warning something is wrong?
Do people know they snore? I have been accused of snoring but then I realize the person accusing me is only hearing her own snoring! At least that’s what I think I think. It’s hard to know what’s happening when you’re asleep. 

I have a friend who had to move because the guy in the apartment next
to his had such a loud snore it kept my friend up all night.
At one time in America, snoring was Cartoon Funny and was indicated
with a trail of “Zzzzzz”s coming out of the mouth.

Today, the ”
Zzzzzz”s seem to have lost their humor and have been replaced with CPAP machines
and Breathe Right Strips.
Is this change in the cultural acceptability of snoring genuine in its
intent or is it merely an attempt by the medical community to fund
sleep study programs and sell breathing equipment?


  1. There you are, clem!
    I think I read somewhere that over 75% of males over 50 — especially if they are overweight — snore when they sleep.
    You should get a tape recorder and let it “listen” to you when you take a nap or sleep overnight. You might discover a problem you need to fix!

  2. Good question David!
    Medical studies say snoring is caused by some kind of blockage and that’s not healthy, but who knows?
    I am a very light sleeper; I even get up when my next door neighbor opens his apartment at the middle of the night – let alone snoring!
    One of my uncles used to snore so heavily that you could listen to his “instrumental” from the ground floor even if he is sleeping somewhere in the first floor.
    My cousin (my uncle’s son) and I taped it once, played it in the morning but still he had a hard time believing that it was coming from him!

  3. I can’t wear ear plugs…it makes me feel suffocated…
    I was lucky as it was a small vacation for me but I feel for his wife and kid!

  4. I know what you mean about feeling suffocated — but once you wear them awhile that feeling fades.
    Yeah! The wife and kid need a vacation from the snoring!

  5. David,
    I am not sure if I am claustrophobic but anything closed makes me feel suffocated.
    I never wear polo-neck sweater before reaching Wisconsin, that too I wore it when it was really cold. I tried wearing once/twice back home, I felt choked. I can not wear hats that cover my ears unless it’s below zero – if I wear it gives me an uncomfortable sensation inside.
    I had a very hard time keeping my apartment window closed for the winter…sometimes I used to sit outside even if it was cold enough to freeze!
    Don’t really know why it is so…

  6. My doctor’s intake form asked me if I snored and how many pillows I used when I sleep, but the last time I was in the office, we didn’t talk about that issue.
    I snore sometimes, but I’ve noticed if I make sure to take a mile-long walk during the day, I don’t snore or don’t snore as much.
    I also make sure to sleep on my side because that reduces my snoring.
    Snoring isn’t funny. It can be deadly!
    From Healthy Resources:

    Many deaths among people in their 40s and older which are attributed to heart disease and transportation accidents may actually be related to an unseen epidemic of snoring and sleep apnea. Apnea, a potentially deadly phantom, is the frequent stoppage of breathing caused by relaxed tissues in the throat during sleep. Snoring is caused by vibrations of the relaxed throat tissues and is often the precursor or companion of sleep apnea.

  7. Chris!
    You are right snoring can be a sign of bad health!
    I wonder why a mile long walk would help you avoid snoring? That seems like a strange remedy!
    I have yet to have a doctor ask me about snoring. I guess that means I need to ask!

  8. I have no clue…
    The only good thing is I know if I ever snore it will wake me up before anyone else! 😀

  9. Ha!
    I think that’s true, Katha! People do get awakened by their own snoring! It has maybe even happened to me once or twice even though I don’t snore!

  10. Maybe walking helps with general muscle tone?
    From Stop Snoring by Losing Weight:

    A fantastic way to induce weight loss and therefore improve the snoring condition is to incorporate exercise into one’s daily schedule. This has a double benefit, as being active is also thought to have a beneficial effect on snoring, possibly due to exercise making muscles and the breathing/respiration process more efficient.

    There’s a program to teach people singing to help with snoring. It seems to suggest that improving muscle tone helps stop some snoring.

    A pilot research project conducted by Alise Ojay has suggested that singing exercises can reduce snoring by toning lax muscles in the upper throat. [Ojay A, Ernst E. Can singing exercises reduce snoring? A pilot study. Complement Ther Med 2000;8(3):151-156]

    I suspect that I eat less if I walk because I don’t want to ruin any gains. Eating before going to sleep can also cause snoring.

  11. I have no idea why Akismet loves you so much, Chris!
    Fascinating information! It makes great sense working your body and getting everything taught and exercised can help stop snoring. I’m going to practice these hints you give!

  12. I have to plead guilty to snoring , but not as loud as my partner ! I think snoring is another thing in the long line of things that people try and offer a cure for and make a lot of bucks along the way.

  13. Hi Nicola!
    I think most everyone snores a bit — but those who snore because they are not breathing properly need to get checked out by a doctor.
    I do think there is a new “scare tactic” to push snoring folk into the doctor’s office for deeper evaluation that can lead to larger money.
    I’ve never had so many friends who are now using CPAP machines!

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