Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

When we were looking at purchasing a crib for our fantastically wonderful son, Chaim Yosef, there were a number of options that presented themselves to us. The one we decided to choose was that of a crib that could be changed in a few steps to a toddler bed and then eventually a normal bed in which he will sleep for most of his childhood until he eventually outgrows it. The corresponding mattress has two sides — one for the infant period and the other for the toddler and young child period. The infant side is firm whereas the other side is softer. A firm side is needed for infants to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, which is often caused by suffocating on a too soft surface.

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The Art of Snoring

Is snoring the sign of a deep-sleep state or it is an ominous warning something is wrong?
Do people know they snore? I have been accused of snoring but then I realize the person accusing me is only hearing her own snoring! At least that’s what I think I think. It’s hard to know what’s happening when you’re asleep. 

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