The Deceit of Cached CafePress Keyword Artifacts

A couple of days ago, in our Memeingful blog, I wrote an article called — “Stealing Janna Sweenie” — that dealt with an un-named seller on an un-named commercial website that was using Janna’s good name and American Sign Language products to sell really ugly postcards and other knickknacks and trinkets. 
Today, I am ready to reveal the rest of the story and to publicly identify as the commercial website involved.

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When the Chief of Police Violates Privacy

Tom Casady is currently the Chief of Police for Lincoln, Nebraska.  As a child of Lincoln, I enjoy reading his fantastic blog called, “The Chief’s Corner.”  I was recently alarmed when I read an article written by Tom that rehashed the offensive/silly/inappropriate email usernames people use to inquire about employment with the Lincoln Police Department.  I was shocked to see the email usernames of applicants revealed in public on Tom’s blog because that is in the least a violation of privacy for those making an inquiry, and perhaps, even a more serious ethical violation of a vested public city official.  I was unable to find the recent article that shocked me, but doing a search on Tom’s site led me to a dead link for this page written on December 2, 2008 where Tom Casady revealed live email usernames of the inquirers — figuring our the entire email address is not that hard and often doing a Google search on a unique username alone can reveal a lot.  I have blurred the email addresses contained in that article:

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Blessing the Google Cache

We love the Google and we are especially fond of the Google Cache feature that can salvage your work on the web that goes missing, is deleted, or is censored.

We recently found one of our Urban Semiotic articles was missing from publication.

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