We love the Google and we are especially fond of the Google Cache feature that can salvage your work on the web that goes missing, is deleted, or is censored.

We recently found one of our Urban Semiotic articles was missing from publication.

We panicked.  We went to the Google.  Google confirmed the article was deleted when we tried to click through in the search return to read it. 

We then clicked on Google’s cache for the article and we found it in all its previous, original, glory and we saved that cache file and republished it on the web in a different, more secure, location.

We also made the cache into a downloadable PDF file to preserve the record of what was deleted — and then resurrected from the dead.

Just because you can’t find something you used to read on the web doesn’t mean it’s forever gone. 

Use the Google cache to reanimate your wants and needs and then bless the Google afterward for their effort to keep alive the original intent of the author.