Finding Iced Coffee in New York City

I love coffee, and when the weather gets particularly warm I make the switch over to iced coffee — never mind the fact that I have been told for years that you should drink hot drinks when it is hot outside and cool drinks when it is cool. I prefer a cold drink. For the most part I have almost always gotten both kinds of coffee from Starbucks, which is quite easy when you’re in Manhattan — there is almost always one or five within a few blocks of your location.

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Forsaking the Unholy Trinity: Animal Flesh, Caffeine and Sugar

As an always-foraging Vegan, I was encouraged to read this in the New York Times about eating fake meat that still tastes like chicken:

Would I rather eat cruelly raised, polluting, unhealthful chicken, or a plant product that’s nutritionally similar or superior, good enough to fool me, and requires no antibiotics, cutting off of heads, or other nasty things? Isn’t it preferable, at least some of the time, to eat plant products mixed with water that have been put through a thingamajiggy that spews out meatlike stuff, instead of eating those same plant products put into a chicken that does its biomechanical thing for the six weeks of its miserable existence only to have its throat cut in the service of yielding barely distinguishable meat?

Why, in other words, use the poor chicken as a machine to produce meat when you can use a machine to produce “meat” that seems like chicken?

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Addicted to Caffeine

My name is David and I am addicted to caffeine.  
For almost three months I was caffeine free as detailed in — Cutting Caffeine and Going Grains — but that is no more.  I am weak for the bean.  I like the kick in the head.  I appreciate the aroma of roasted goodness.  Yesterday, I bought the Krups KM7000 Grind-and-Brew as my white flag of defeat.  I had no idea a burr grinder could bring me so much immediate pleasure.

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Cutting Caffeine and Going Grains

I love coffee.  Unfortunately, coffee no longer loves me.  The high acidity of coffee, along with the massive intake of caffeine throughout the work day, made my body revolt and forced me to recognize my acidy stomach and accelerated, exploding, heart rate were not beneficial to my long term well being in the galaxy.

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